Inter Library Loans

What is an Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary loans (or ILL) allows a patrons to borrow items that are not available at their local library from other participating facilities.

Even though we try to have a wide assortment of books on hand for our Patrons, we can never have quite everything. This is where ILL comes into play. If we do not have or can not order a particular book, then at the request of a Patron (in good standing) we can- essentially, “cast a net” and ask other libraries for that book or item. If another library is willing and able to supply it, the lending library will mail it to the Childress Public Library- that we may lend it to you, the borrower. Sometimes this process take take a little more time and it is not guaranteed that another library will lend, so please keep that in mind. As long as funds are available this is a free service.

Click HERE to submit a request form or come to the library and fill one out!